Being participants as service providers and the client (buyer) who requests it, we have arranged the following terms and conditions, with the purpose of providing clarity in our service.


We deliver from Monday to Sunday, we cover almost every day of the year, as long as your order is made in advance; On Sundays and holidays we also make deliveries. For same day service, orders must be placed before 11 am.

In seasons of high demand (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Love and Friendship, among others), we recommend placing your order a week in advance in order to schedule your order and clarify or resolve any questions or problems.

We have delivery service to perform the same day, for this service you must contact our advisors to verify the availability of the product. Orders taken before 9am can be delivered before noon, orders taken before 3pm can be delivered before 7pm. In any case, deliveries are subject to availability of the product or materials, depending on the season and/or place of destination.

Schedules and deliveries

Our delivery schedule is:
Monday to Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 06:30 p.m.
Sundays and Holidays between 08:00 a.m. and 01:00 p.m.

For deliveries at times other than those indicated, you must contact our advisors directly at the telephone numbers indicated at the bottom of this page or in the Contact section, to see the availability of your request.

Only confirmed and paid orders are delivered.

The delivery time will be according to the place of destination and complexity of the requested product.

We accept orders for delivery the same day until 4:30 p.m. (4:30 p.m.).

For deliveries on Sundays and Holidays, availability must be checked by phone and requested at least 3 hours in advance.

Shipping Cost

When filling out the order form and entering the destination, the page will indicate the cost of the address, the price may vary depending on the delivery area.

If the delivery area is not parameterized in our system and this allows you to complete the order, one of our advisors will contact you to indicate the cost of the address if this is the case, otherwise we will contact you by the entered data to this end.

The cost of the address varies according to the delivery area, whether it is within the urban perimeter of the city of Barranquilla and/or Cartagena, which is where our main delivery offices are located, or if it is for other cities, municipalities, districts and/or sectors of difficult access or very far away. Our team of advisers will contact you to indicate the additional value.

If at the time of arrival at the place of destination there is no one who can receive the order, it will be returned to our offices, the customer will be informed and we will wait for further instructions. An additional cost will be generated if the instruction is to carry the order again


Prices are given by default in Colombian pesos. You can change the currency in the currency (or currency) selection option located at the top right of the page or at the bottom of the page.

Payment Methods

We have different payment methods, online payment with debit or credit card, transfers or bank deposits; sending money through wire transfer companies or sending foreign currency.

You can pay for your order from anywhere in the world, using credit and debit cards through PAYU Latam (formerly Online Payments) or other platforms indicated in the Payment Method section. It should be noted that depending on the payment method chosen, surcharges may apply.

In the same way, if you do not have electronic means of payment, you can also make a transfer through the Wester Union or Money Gram entities (The surcharge costs for sending money will be assumed by the client). You will find the money order details at the end of the purchase process.

If you are located in Colombia you can also make the payment by transfer or consignment in BANCOLOMBIA, or make a money order through the Efecty entity. You will find the money order or consignment data at the end of the purchase process.

If the payment is by bank consignment, that is, placed from the Bank or a branch, costs will be added due to surcharges charged by the banking entities, these costs will be assumed by the buyer (client).


Although flowers are fragile supplies for us, they may be scarce depending on the season or may not be available on the day of delivery due to external factors; Additional products such as stuffed animals, balloons, chocolates, wines or spirits in general, etc., may also be scarce due to the season, have gone out of inventory or that the supplier has already changed presentation or discontinued.

Taking into account the foregoing and in order to comply with the service, the products that meet the aforementioned conditions will be replaced by products similar in quality and/or price; It usually happens more often in products such as stuffed animals or balloons where it can vary in design

Exchange and/or Refund Guarantee

We work with fresh national and imported flowers and fruits, materials and supplies of excellent quality.

The arrangements will be made upon request and as close to the date and time of delivery in order to guarantee the freshness of the flowers and/or fruits, if any.

Taking into account the above, we highlight the following observations to request changes or returns.

To make a return, you must notify immediately once the order is received, if possible not receive if you see that any component of the detail is in a state of decomposition or deterioration.

The products that accompany the detail must be in the same condition that they were received, such as Fruits, Chocolates, Wines and other additional items. Please refrain from using or throwing away the products if they are in poor condition and you wish to request the change, so that our officials can verify said condition and proceed as appropriate.

Taking into account the immediate notice and the care that must be taken with the flowers, return requests are accepted in the following cases:

The floral arrangement does not comply with the requested design and/or with the substitution policies.

The floral arrangement is not in good condition, such as: withered, deteriorated or broken flowers.

In fruit bowls, fruit in poor condition or in a state of decomposition.

Additional products such as stuffed animals, chocolates and liquors are in poor condition, damaged, expired or have adulterated stamps.

It is not allowed to cancel or make changes to orders on products already purchased, made unless you want to add something to the order and it is not in distribution or delivered.

No type of compensation will be made in case the delivery does not take place for any of the following reasons: not finding people at the address at the time of delivery of the order, not clearly indicating the delivery address or the shipment is rejected by the addressee.

To consider

Important dates, such as: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and other special dates, our florist works at full speed and we cannot guarantee the exact delivery time.

For special dates, request your order days before, to schedule it on the date, shipments are outside the Metropolitan Area (request 3 or 4 days in advance).

Our catalog consists of descriptions and photographs that are used as a reference, it should be noted that they are handmade products and therefore the design or visual appearance may vary slightly.

If you want to change or customize any product, you must contact us to verify feasibility.

Our products are natural, they could have some variations in the color or degree of maturation of the flowers with respect to the photographs in our catalog.

We cannot guarantee that each delivery will be made personally, we do everything necessary so that each order is delivered in this way, but there are situations where it is not possible.

Please note that deliveries to clinics are not allowed to be delivered personally to rooms.

If it is not possible to deliver an order because: The person is not there or The person left. It will be returned to our store to be withdrawn or if you wish, you can schedule a new delivery with a new shipping cost (depends on the distance).

Gifts and additional products must be accompanied by flowers, we do not deliver where these products are the only ones.

If you want more information about what is described here or something that we have not mentioned, please contact the telephone numbers or the email that appears at the bottom of this page.


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